Your Partner Is Not Perfect, Deal With It

better relationshipEveryone, even the so called perfectionists admits (if they’re normal that is) their incapacity to be perfect. They all face marriage problems too, The irony, however is that couples more often than not fail to give their partners the same break they give themselves. It is not uncommon to find yourself getting impatient at the mistakes of your partner, being irritated and churning criticism like confetti.

Face it, the love your life is human just as you are and they have the capacity to charm, tickle and love you as well as irritate and annoy you, with the same measure. This is not to say that you should not get into a relationship with some form of expectations. However, care has to be taken so that your expectations are so lofty and unrealistic that they are bound to lead to disappointment.

You will Change them

In most cases life will demand that you make do with what you get if you fail to get what you want. This is not an encouragement to remain in a relationship when all the signs indicate that it is not bound to be fruitful. Instead it is a wake-up call to the realization that that you may have to readjust your expectations especially if they are too high. Try discovering from within if it is possible to live with the short-comings of your spouse. The other alternative is to change yourself with the hope that they will follow suit, but there lies no guarantee.

What to do

Insisting that the other person sees things your way will only take you so far. As human as it is to always want to have your way, problems arise when you lose sight of the point and soon it becomes about being right. Chances are that your partner will not think like you in making decisions. The trick is to look from within whenever problems arise in the relationship instead of pointing an accusing finger all the time.

What not to do

Discovering early not to take everything your partner does personally will save you a whole lot of heart ache and head ache. This is the part where you climb down from your high horse of self-importance and realize that maybe the, not so wonderful, actions of your partner have nothing to do with you. Additionally, don’t assume that you partner can read your mind. Many are the time couples will get upset at each other and disappointed when it turns out that they have no idea about whatever it is that you expect them to automatically know.

Gynostemma tea or jiaogulan a stimulating tea without caffeine

Over half of the world’s population takes
coffee every day. This is so because majority of the people are made to believe
that coffee is good for their health. Coffee is rich in caffeine and makes the
user addicted to taking it daily. It’s so addictive that some people can’t go a
day without taking a cup in the morning, afternoon and night. Such users are
unaware of the many health risks associated with coffee (caffeine). Coffee has
been shown to contribute to a number of cancers, Parkinson’s disease, heart
diseases, stroke and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Caffeine has no nutritional benefit
and has been shown to increase the risk of diabetes and miscarriages in
pregnant women. It is time for everyone to switch to a healthy-proven coffee
alternative. Gynostemma tea or jiaogulan a stimulating tea without caffeine is
the only risk-free alternative to coffee. 

Gynostemma tea is extracted
from a tree known as Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan in Chinese). It is a
five-leafed climbing plant that belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae (family of
cucumbers and melons). Although the plant is native in China, it can be grown
in moderate climates including West and South coast of the US. However, most of
jiaogulan is imported from China. The plant has been shown to contain very high
amounts of saponin, a chemical responsible for the many health benefits
associated with Gynostemma tea.


The tea has adaptogenic properties

An adaptogen is a substance
that allows the body to adapt well to stress. Jiaogulan tea has high amounts of
saponins known as gypenosides that contribute to its adaptogenic qualities. A
cup of the tea is enough to cause the body to adapt to stress. The tea also
promotes equilibrium within body cells and all vital organs.

It give the nervous system
both a calming and energy lifting effect. It is therefore highly recommended
for fatigued individuals.

The tea also serves as an
antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties

The gypenosides in the tea
also help in maintaining a strong antioxidant impact that helps boost the
immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in the blood. Its
antioxidant properties also help protect the cell membranes from strong
oxidation effects that can lead to chronic inflammation.

The tea, being an
antioxidant, has been shown to reduce fatigue and facilitate the release of
insulin hormone. The tea also supports clear thinking, moisten the lungs, clear
heat and calm the nerves.

Jiaogulan tea for weight management

The tea can help in both
loosing and gaining weight.

It helps individuals loose
excess weight by accelerating the rate of cellular metabolism. The tea achieves
this by adjusting blood sugar and blood fat levels. The tea also directly
assist in the digestive process by cleansing the intenstinal track and
normalizing bowel movement.

The saponins in the tea has
some soap like qualities. As the tea moves through the digestive system, it
cleans and gets rid of body wastes and harmful microbes.

Jiaogulan coffee also aids in
the conversion of carbohydrates to energy. This is very helpful for athletes.
The tea also help underweights and body builders by improving their capacity to
gain muscle mass.

Gynostemma tea for
cardiovascular health

The tea also help in
normalizing blood pressure and in stabilizing the heart rate. It acts as a
natural vasodilator improving cardiac efficiency through increasing the flow of
oxygen and blood to the circulatory system. Saponins in the tea also lowers
cholesterol levels in the body by blocking its absorbption in the body.

Gynostemma tea is also rich
in nutrients

Such nutrients include iron,
magnesium, selenium, zinc, amino acids, potassium and phosphorous.


The most common way of using
gynostemma is through hot herbal tea although some people use powdered extract
of the tree. The tea has a strong delicious flavor. There is no standard doze
of the tea although three cups per day are recommended.

It is also important to
purchase the tea from a trusted seller. One of the ways of knowing whether a
seller is competent is to visit the clients’ review section on the seller’s

Avoid the many risks
associated with caffeine by switching to gynostemma tea or jiaogulan a
stimulating tea without caffeine. The tea has countless health benefits and has
no associated side effects. Its e

Will Organic Face Cream Work For Oily Skin?

Do you currently suffer from oily skin? If so, you are going to want to try to find a face cream that can help your problem. The best face creams to look for are going to be the ones with drying agents. However, it is always best to avoid harsh and chemical ingredients. They will likely make the problem worse than it already is. Therefore, you should try to find some organic face creams to help reduce the amount of oil you experience on your face. In this article, we will be going over some of the things you should look for in an organic face cream for oily skin.

1. Drying agents.

The first thing that you are going to want to look for is drying agents. It is important to look for drying agents that are organic, safe, and effective. You should be able to find a bunch of effective natural drying agents by searching online. Some of the best drying agents are; sulfur, zinc, and green tea. All of these ingredients are effective at reducing the overall amount of oil that will show on your skin. Be sure to look for products that contain these ingredients. There are more, but these are just some of the most effective.

2. Reviews.

You will also want to check to make sure that the product has good reviews. You should be able to tell a lot about the effectiveness of a product by checking it’s reviews. The reason why you are going to be able to tell a lot is because most of the times the products with the best reviews are going to be the best products. Therefore, it can be a great indicator as to how effective the product actually is. Be sure to check for the different products and find the ones that have the best reviews. Also, be sure to actually read the reviews to make sure that you choose a product that has good reviews from customers with the same problem you have (oily skin). This will ensure that the product will be effective for your specific skin condition and type.

3. Price.

Another thing that you are going to want to do is check the price of the face cream. Just because a product is organic does not mean that it has to cost a lot of money. You should be able to find plenty of reasonable costing products on the market that are safe and effective.

4. Wont Clog Pores.

You will also want to make sure that you find a face cream that is not going to clog your pores. Nothing is worse than fixing a problem only to create another one. By looking for a face cream that wont clog your pores, you will not have to worry about your face cream causing other problems like acne.

By following the advice above, you should be able to select the best organic face cream for your oily skin.

Learn How to Find Chiropractor By zip Code That You Can Trust

It is very interesting to know that a person’s body does want to heal itself. Many people do not realize that a chiropractor has gone through years and years of schooling because they want to treat the whole person without the use of drugs or surgery, and treat them with all natural care. Realizing that chiropractors have studied the nervous system, nutrition and skeletal system, it seems they would be the first one called in an illness. When a person makes an appointment to see a chiropractor they can expect to fill out a form with many questions so that he/she can decide the plan of treatment best for each individual.

To find chiropractor by zip code in your area will naturally need to do some research on the subject. Just put the word chiropractor in your favorite search engine box and you will get many results with links to click. You can also look for them in your city and probably get an appointment the very day you call. A chiropractor will check your feet, your posture, and spine, possibly do an X-ray, and go over with you what you do in your life that could possibly be leading to the pain you are feeling.

If in the exam the chiropractor finds that you have an ailment needing the attention of a physician you will be told this information. Otherwise, after the assessment of the nature of your pain, you may receive a painless adjustment and manipulation of your spine to release energy to the nerves in your body so the body can then begin to heal itself. Then your schedule of treatments will be explained to you and if you choose to keep the schedule, fine, if not there is no obligation on your part to the chiropractor. Many times he will do the analysis of your treatment and an X-ray with no cost to you.

With stringent licensing, chiropractors can practice only in the states where they are licensed. With two to four years of undergraduate training and completion of a 4 year chiropractic college with passing national and State exams, chiropractors have extensive training to assist individuals to optimum health without the use of drugs. As with all professions, in the beginning, income is lower, but as years go by, many earn upwards to $87,000 per year. Chiropractors work as individuals in totally clean and comfortable offices, or in with a group of doctors.

5 Tips For Coping With Infidelity

infidelity 1Uncovering a partner’s infidelity can be a stressful experience, that often turns your entire world upside down. While it can be a difficult experience to process, it’s never been a more important time to look after yourself, recover from the shock, and decide what you want to do. In this guide, you’ll learn several tips for coping with infidelity in a relationship and how to put your life back together. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the following tips..

1 – Let go of anger.

It’s a natural reaction to feel angry and betrayed when you discover your partner has committed infidelity, but it’s important to let this anger go, because it’ll only be hurting yourself. While the initial discovery is likely to leave you feeling angry, the anger won’t help to improve your decision making abilities.

2 – Take your time to process.

Making quick, impulsive decisions is never a good idea in these situations – even though your emotional reaction is most likely going to make you react in a rash manner. If possible, try to carry on with your normal life for a few days, and give yourself the time you need to fully process and understand the situation and the circumstances that led up to it.

Giving the relationship some breathing space can be very beneficial, regardless of whether you decide to stay together or separate. It’ll allow both of you to take stock of the situation, and decide on the best way forward.

3 – Don’t blame yourself

When a relationship breaks down, it’s all too easy blame yourself. It doesn’t get any easier if your partner blames you for their actions. Blaming others is a common reaction in stressful times, but it’s important to realize that you aren’t in control of your partner’s behavior. You’re not responsible for their decision to cheat, even if you feel like there may be some truth behind the blame. Ultimately, they made the decision, and you shouldn’t hold yourself responsible. Realize that the cheating that’s occurred is a reflection of their choices, and not your own.

4 – Breakup or repair the relationship?

There’s no simple answer when it comes to deciding whether you should stay together or break up after infidelity has occurred within a relationship. If you are married, or have children together, it also makes the situation more complicated. You may like to choose a qualified therapist to help you through the experience – either individually or as a couple – as this may help you to reach a decision with less emotional reaction involved.

5 – Address relationship problems

If you decide to stay together and make the relationship work, addressing the problems in the relationship that led to the infidelity is very important. It can be easy to just brush the situation under the rug, but if the underlying problems aren’t confronted, then it can become a pattern that’s hard to break. Addressing the problems is something that you’ll both have to work at together.